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At Trios, we follow the UK Health and Safety Executives ACoP L8 – Approved Code of Practise and Guidance titled “Legionnaires Disease: Control of legionella bacteria in water systems”. This sets out guidance for the Legionella risk assessment and Legionella control procedures.

It is vital that in order to protect your staff and customers you have a compliance partner that can guide you through the legislation, to ensure you are tested and covered.

Water Sampling

Water sampling is a crucial part of the legionella control scheme, and is a key indicator in measuring the effectiveness of the required control measures.

Whilst routine Microbiological sampling is not always carried out, correct water management is essential as the water supplied to a building should be fit to drink. Where there is the potential for micro-organisms to grow in areas of hot and cold water systems, Microbiological sampling must be carried out.

Our qualified engineers will work in strict accordance with the current legislation & guidance, giving you the advice and information you need to ensure compliance.

Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessments are required by law. We can manage your Assessments to ensure that your property portfolio is tested to the correct standards, with testing records then held on our Web Portal so if EHO or Insurers turn up unexpectedly, you can have peace of mind – knowing that our solutions have kept you safe.

Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

The build-up of hard water scale in boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and pipework reduces the efficiency of heating equipment. Acid washing is the only satisfactory method of removing scale deposits. Heat exchangers that use river or sea water for cooling can also build up deposits due to biological or suspended matter fouling pipes and valves. These types of deposits can be removed by specially formulated alkaline cleaners. Our wide experience of formulating chemicals will ensure the correct chemical for the problem is presented.

Why chemical clean?
Hardwater scale in boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and pipework reduces their efficiency. In a case such as steam boilers, it can cause the boiler to be dangerous to operate. Acid cleaning is the only satisfactory method of restoring the heat transfer efficiency by complete removal of the deposits.