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Trios Compliance are experts in the specialist area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), building controls systems and equipment and any associated electrical technology. We are able to service, maintain and repair your assets to ensure they are safe and efficient and enable you to keep your business running.

Our specialist equipment, utilising BMSI controls, enables you to monitor performance and energy usage - remotely if necessary - and you’ll be alerted to spikes of high usage or faults before they cost your business unnecessary money.

We adapt our way of working to reflect what your business operation requires, from one-off preventive maintenance visits, to full support packages (fully comprehensive if required) to ensure that your heating and cooling is working to deliver the required business environment.

Air Conditioning

Keeping customers and staff comfortable helps make your business work. Air Conditioning is a crucial part of this process, and at Trios we know it’s important for you to have not only a working system, but an efficient one.

We offer everything from a reactive service for those unfortunate breakdowns, to design capability and installation or servicing, to ensure you’re getting the most efficient service from your assets. Trios Compliance can be there to implement, design and apply the perfect AC offering to give you the temperature you need.


Regular maintenance of your equipment is proven to extend its life. Well-maintained units and correct ambient conditions will help save up to 30% on annual fuel bills. Trios Compliance offers a range of service levels which have been developed to cater for your needs; from bespoke maintenance packages to ensure your equipment is compliant, to 24hr breakdown cover to give your business the support it needs to allow you to concentrate on your core activities.

Whatever type of refrigeration you require, from catering units to remote or integrated display units in convenience retail or leisure locations, we offer an extensive range of services, covering the maintenance, servicing and installation of all types of refrigeration technology:

  • Chilled and frozen food display and storage cabinets, multi-deck and integrated / remote
  • Cold Rooms / walk-in freezers
  • Remote plant / chillers and all associated pipework
  • Cellar cooling
  • Control and alarm monitoring

Whatever your requirement, we are geared up to provide your business with a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable solution to suit your operation and budget.

PPM and Servicing

Without regular servicing, your air conditioning or handling systems can pose a range of problems, from water contamination to gas leaks, breakdowns or airborne bacteria. In fact, larger air conditioning units are legally required to be checked annually.

It’s important to have your systems checked by qualified engineers. Regular maintenance checks will ensure that all your equipment is working in good order, running efficiently and doesn’t pose a health and safety risk.


Trios Compliance can offer you the full range of installation and remedial works for your requirements. From new installation and design, to adding split and multi-split systems where you need them, we can manage the process and ensure you’re getting what you need while ensuring value for money.


Ensuring that your air conditioning and refrigeration plant is leak tight is mandatory under F Gas legislation. Regulations aside, a leaking system is ineffective and even a small loss of refrigerate can significantly reduce the energy efficiency ratio (EER) of your equipment. A by-product of being F Gas compliant means that you can reduce your whole life costs.

We have adaptable methods to ensure we carry out this service to keep you safe and compliant. All documentation is accessible on our web portal, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re compliant, safe and have your assets working for you, not against you.