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At Trios we are always looking for innovative service delivery and products to keep us at the cutting edge of property support in the UK. Our M&E install and IT team have designed and manufactured a BMES system which can be rolled out either across your property portfolio or just installed in a one-off site.

This will give you not only live information on energy, water and gas usage, but also the power for you to control the environment from anywhere in the world.

Helping you put energy management theory into practice

To tackle demand-side energy management effectively, part of the answer lies in making the most of what you’ve got but making it work more efficiently. Running your building ultra-efficiently is something we specialise in, through the deployment of building energy management systems supported by and combined with first-class, intelligent, maintenance regimes.

Trios think differently, because we make decisions and implement programmes with the carbon/cost impact in the forefront of our minds. The low-carbon approach is part of our people’s mind-set – understanding the way the building is used, thinking laterally and applying new technology and common sense to squeeze every last gram of CO2 saving from the maintenance routine.

Energy Management

Ambitious to improve your organisation’s energy efficiency or refine your energy management? With our knowledge of new legislation, combined with our experience of energy strategy, its implementation, measurement and verification, we can cover all aspects of your energy agenda both in the short and long term. From quick fixes in lighting and controls to implementation of our BMSI energy and service control devices, we can ensure you have visibility of your consumption across your business and portfolio.

Energy and carbon management doesn’t just make environmental sense; it makes hard commercial sense too.

A business that emits less CO2 will almost always be using less energy, which translates directly to lower energy bills and higher efficiency. We’re one of the longest established UK energy management companies and we’ve been helping businesses do this for years – long before climate change became such a high-profile issue or concern.

Having measured and benchmarked your carbon footprint and identified how and where you use your energy, we’ll work with you to devise energy saving campaigns and action plans, including examining the options for installing clean energy alternatives.