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As a company that focuses on our customers’ business, we believe that StoreForce offers provision to our customers that is not only cost efficient, but will add value to their brand.

We believed there was a clever way of delivering maintenance with compliance, both PPM and reactive. We wanted to create a ‘backbone’ of maintenance and compliance, utilizing a directly employed mobile labour force, dedicated to just one client in the retail market, that improves efficiency and saves money.

Using our experiences in managing commercial and retail property, we utilized our IT system and gave ownership back to the operatives and engineers so they were dedicated to certain sites. This empowered them to learn the sites and get to know the people who worked in them, ensuring that continuity of service was made key and that the engineers were used in the most efficient way.

By implementing these systems we have seen up to 40% cost savings in maintenance and a 20% reduction in reactive works. If it sounds too good to be true, let us have the opportunity to come and see you to show you how we could deliver this breakthrough service and start saving you money.