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Here at Trios we are dedicated to finding affordable solutions that give your business noticeable results. Our rationale in the “EnergySafe” solution is based around taking back control of the whole environment within your properties whilst minimizing the operational impact on staff, as well as maintaining the excellent customer-facing experience you want your business to offer.

Utilising our technologies and installing the EnergySafe system into your business unit or even your entire property portfolio, will give you the power to control and measure your energy usage so you’re always in control. By monitoring your Gas Heating, Electrical Heating, Lighting and utilities, it gives you the power to change your staff’s behaviors on how their business unit uses power.

Our control system not only lets you monitor your utilities but gives them back to you. You control when the heating turns off and on. You decide when and how your lighting operates to suit your requirements for how you use your workspaces.

This gives you the ability to manage how you’re using you energy and gives you the power to control spend and predict fluxes – so you’re not left in the dark about your utilities.