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Keeping your estate safe and compliant is critical to any business. Trios Compliance will establish comprehensive programmes of testing and certification to ensure that you, your staff and your customers are never left exposed to an unsafe environment. We have always advocated planned testing alongside Planned Preventative Maintenance as the most cost-effective method of optimising the performance and safety of any buildings, and their associated assets and plant.

Our planned maintenance programmes are designed to ensure that our clients are fully aware of their position in terms of compliance, asset condition and efficiency and as a result can address any potential trading or operating problems before they become serious. We can demonstrate that a bi–product of this proactive approach is a reduction in breakdowns, disruption and the resulting higher cost of reactive responses.

Any Planned Preventative Maintenance programmes are designed and scheduled to meet individual customer requirements and can incorporate all compliance and HVAC services. What is essential, however, is to have control and visibility of the status of the estate in order that you have comfort and security.

Our experienced team of qualified staff utilises our bespoke IT platform, Clearview, to plan all visits, manage and monitor activity and provide instant access to information on the status of your assets and portfolio. All works are scheduled and tracked using an engineer’s diary and are updated with real time data from smartphones, tablets and laptops. All asset information, test results and certificates are stored in the Compliance Vault. As a result, using standard web browsers, you are able to log in (using access protected by individual passwords) and view either a dashboard giving an overview of the estate or an individual premise or piece of equipment by drilling down to the core data.

As the frequency and type of visits can vary (weekly, monthly or quarterly), including the ability to schedule works out of hours and again minimise disruption to your business, we can manipulate the data and associated costs to give you instant budget information – detailing outstanding works, completed works and accrual reports which – along with our modular pricing structure – give you financial control.

With full National coverage, we can plan and execute all your PPM needs including:

  • Statutory Compliance Testing – EICR, Emergency Lighting, PAT, Water Hygiene
  • Heating – Gas Safety Testing, Servicing and Certification
  • Air Conditioning/Air Handling and Ventilation – Maintenance and Servicing
  • Auto Doors and Shutter Maintenance

With such a wide range of specialist services, we have developed a range of bespoke combined packages giving more efficient use of resources and their associated cost reductions. We will listen to your requirements and operational needs and shape a managed service to suit you. Speak to the Trios Compliance team for a safe working environment and peace of mind.