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About Us

A partner you can rely on

Trios Compliance offers complete management and delivery solutions for the premises-related statutory obligations of your business, leaving you to concentrate on servicing your customers. By specialising in the commercial sector, focusing on quality customer service, health and safety and value for money our approach has enabled us to create a range of bespoke service offerings from one-off asset assessment to fully integrated compliance testing and PPM packages, to suit your business and budget.

We believe that, in order to offer value whilst remaining competitive, we need to offer flexible and innovative solutions – by challenging traditional delivery methods.

We’re Listening to our clients - existing and potential - to shape, modify and develop compliance plans that not only keep you legal and safe but also ensure that your assets are working for and not against you. Our management expertise and web based control systems give clear visibility of the status of your estate, in user friendly format at your convenience.

With our full national coverage of multi-disciplined and specialist technicians located throughout the UK, we have all the expertise required to deliver our solutions to your entire portfolio. Using industry best practice and market driven innovation, we are able to engineer delivery systems to suit your unique operational needs. This ensures you can maximise your trading time, minimise operational disruption, reduce staff distraction and downtime and be confident of a safe, compliant working environment.

From a single service line provision through to the most complex combinations of multi-service solutions, our approach enables us to identify additional opportunities to implement cost and efficiency savings for your business – importantly, without compromising or diminishing the quality of the service delivery, thereby maximising value for our clients.

Whatever your compliance needs, talk to Trios. We’re ready to Listen!

Our History

Trios Compliance (previously 365 On Demand Solutions) was born out of extensive client research carried out in 2005. The group board including Jeff Alden (MD Trios Compliance and Facilities) wanted to create a service offering that had customer service levels at the forefront of its values. Instead of supplying a service solution for property, we wanted to give the power back to clients and work with them to describe and show us their business and values. Then create service solutions to give them cost effective, adaptable packages to ensure they were compliant, safe and have their critical assets protected. We could then leave them to focus on their business.

With controlled growth over the following nine years of trading, we have driven this with developing new ways of carrying out your critical maintenance and compliance works. Working with our clients both existing and prospective to create solutions that work in their industry to allow them to carry out their business efficiently and let us worry about their premises and ensuring they are covered 24/7.

It’s always been a belief that we need to show value and adapt in an ever changing landscape of property and facilities support. Jeff Alden stated “It is vital in our market to not only deliver value, but to demonstrate it with good management to ensure you not only meet our customer needs constantly but exceed them. We have done this with progressive investment in our division and the group as a whole”.

Our Ethos

We believe that our ability to listen, understand, analyse, anticipate and then deliver customer requirements is the key to giving you the property support you need. As a business that listens to and then works with our customers, we have identified that it is not only class leading technologies that deliver exceptional service standards but also our exceptional people who work hand in hand in providing high quality solutions to you and your business. It is our responsive staff who operating 24/7 and 365 days that can positively and immediately respond to your needs, by using effective communication and utilising our systems.

By investing in, training and empowering our staff and workforce and by working closely with regulatory bodies, we are able to deliver and maintain exceptionally high quality standards whilst ensuring you are getting the very best compliance cover which you can trust.

Our emphasis on developing people to maximise their potential, an example of which is our introduction of multi-trade cross training methods, ensures we are offering diverse and innovative services – designed to minimise disruption and save you time and money.

Utilising these skills alongside our innovative and customised IT systems, we believe that we can offer you the only compliance service you will ever need. This gives you the peace of mind and your teams the confidence that your compliance is being managed by experienced professionals, whilst they focus on their key objectives.

Clear Solutions

We currently deliver a variety of services to over 15,000 commercial properties across the UK. With the breadth of knowledge this has brought us, we have developed focused management solutions for both single site companies and multiple site organisations who are looking for a compliance partner who can ensure they are safe and legal.

Our services have been developed in partnership with our clients, using our bespoke IT platform “Clearview”, to ensure you have accurate real time information, giving you the ability to make the correct decisions, faster.

Self Delivered

With our 500 strong team of engineers and staff, we offer one of the largest direct delivery compliance services in the UK. By investing in our people and offering comprehensive training programmes, we are able to offer superlative service levels, as we directly control the high levels of quality that we deliver.

As a privately owned company, we have been able to invest year on year not only in our IT offering (which is key to managing the processes to keep you legal), but also by developing our teams to deliver on the undertakings that you need to keep your premises safe and compliant.

Real Picture

Whilst knowing that you are compliant, legal and safe is important, proving it is just as crucial. By utilising our web accessible compliance portal, you and your team will have access to all the requisite documents wherever you are to demonstrate that your property and business is legal and being maintained as required.

With “Clearview” you effectively have your own in-house IT platform that can deliver the estate & building management information and control you want. We have the ability to adapt and configure the system to your needs; ensuring you get best information and service at the very best value.